Jimmy Striligas, founding entrepreneur of Saver’s Painting & Wallcovering, LLC, has over thirty years of hands on painting experience. He can personally perform each and every painting, coating, or vinyl wallcovering application which our company performs for clients. This personal knowledge of all painting and coating processes allows him to train and lead our painting crews in the proper techniques and applications of the many types of products with which we work. Jimmy also installs vinyl and wood wallcoverings. His extensive experience and expertise allows our company to perform our own quality control checks and make any required adjustments before they become a problem for our clients. Jimmy works hands on with our crews and routinely makes on site job visits and inspections. He is personally involved with managing work on our jobsites on a daily basis. Jimmy is referenced by many people in the local construction industry as one of the most knowledgeable painting and coating professionals in our area.

Annette Striligas, partner and business manager: Bachelor of Business Administration in Management; has over twenty-five years experience in construction management. She manages our office, performs accounting, payroll, and estimating duties. Annette has extensive construction knowledge gleamed from years of assisting and then being a project manager for general contractors. She is responsible for daily operations of the business office location as well as estimating and bidding upcoming projects. When the work load of Saver’s Painting & Wallcovering, LLC, requires another lead person on job sites, Annette fills the position. She has over seven years experience in the painting sector of construction. Annette is an asset both in the office and on site due to her thoroughness, organization, and detail oriented skills.

Painting and vinyl wallcovering crews: each member of our painting staff has at least five years of painting or vinyl wallcovering experience, with many of them having fifteen to twenty years of experience. Our crews are professional and responsible to the individual needs of our clients and their projects. Upon employment, background checks are performed on each crew member in accordance with Tennessee Public Chapter 587.

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