“Our company has contracted with Saver’s Painting and Wallcovering on hundreds of jobs both large and small in all parts of the country for the 20 plus years we have worked with them. They always strive to use the highest quality materials in a dependable and professional manner. Saver’s has always performed more than satisfactorily on time and on budget. As we all know, these attributes are rare in our industry.”

Hoyt Hayes, Jr.
Hoyt Hayes, Jr. Construction Co., Inc.

“Mention painting to me and I will immediately say Saver’s Painting and Wallcovering to you. Almost three years ago in painting interior of The Bank of Jackson, Oil Well location, it was such a pleasure working with Jimmy and Annette Striligas and their crew; therefore when needing our home painted it was an easy decision to ask Saver’s. I can not tell you how pleased we have been with their work.”

Anita Kay Archer
Owner’s Representative
The Bank of Jackson


“We have just recently finished 3 jobs with Saver’s Painting and Wallcovering. It seems that every project we do that their work gets the tightest squeeze because we have unplanned delays and the projected completion date does not change. This requires them to complete their work in a shorter timeframe. They have always responded in a positive way and assisted us in completing the job on time.
We have always been pleased with their quality of work, diligence, responsiveness, documentation control, etc. They have a professional operation that enhances every project we work on. I wish everyday that we had more subcontractors like Saver’s Painting & Wallcovering.”

Ken Brasfield
President Brasfield Construction

“I have known and worked with Saver’s Painting and Wallcovering for most of 10 years. Throughout our working relationship together, I have found Saver’s to be a company of integrity, one of ethics and professionalism, taking pride in the quality of work and the service they provide to their client. When suggesting a professional painter, Saver’s is without question my recommendation.”

Carin Jeffords
Interiors Designer
Vaughan Associates Architects, Inc.


“I have worked with Saver’s Painting & Wallcovering on many projects over the years. I have always found then to be extremely competent.
Saver’s Painting & Wallcovering gives us the highest quality in workmanship, is always attentive to the project schedule, and at a competitive price.
It is always a pleasure working with Saver’s Painting & Wallcovering”

Alan Morris
Project Manager
Watlington Brothers, Inc.


“Having been a General Contractor for about 35 years, I have worked with a lot of subcontractors on many projects. Subs usually fall into one of two categories, part of the problem or part of the solution. Fortunately, Jimmy and Annette at Saver’s Painting and Wallcovering are part of the solution. They are very thorough, professional and knowledgeable about all aspects of the painting business. I highly recommend them.”

Randy Clement
Project Manager
Barger Construction Company


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